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EZcube backgrounds an Interactive Demonstration

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An interactive demonstration

Most online sellers use a plain white background for their products. But some sellers are beginning to realize that it's possible to improve their site by showing products in more flattering surroundings.

For example, bridal magazines, often display diamond rings on soft, romantic looking backgrounds. These images are often two or more images combined.  The diamond photo original  "background is removed" using Photoshop or a similar program. Then a "new background" is selected to replace the original.

The benefits of combining multiple images are many. A diamond requires "close-up" macro photography. But even lush, smooth fabrics such as silk will appear noisy shot using a macro lens. The benefit of shooting the background separately in this case, is that you can shoot it from a distance, and use a different scale to help eliminate noise, and keep the smooth appearance.


Original Remove background Choose new
White silk Blue silk ... Add
Pink silk ... Add

(Move your cursor over the above text to see the diamond with different backgrounds).
Another benefit of having a separate background image is the ease of which you can change the background color, without affecting your subject {the diamond in this case} The actual fabric color that I photographed, was royal blue in color. But using Photoshop I quickly and easily changed it from blue to white and then pink, to try out the colors I often see used in bridal magazines to flatter diamonds.

The bottom line is the possibilities are endless and the results can be incredible. But keep in mind that you must begin with a great picture, to end with a great image. The images below were shot using a Canon Digital Rebel with macro lens and the techniques shown on the jewelry photography page...

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