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The purpose of this site is to provide useful information to help you improve the quality of your product images.

We assume that most folks are operating on a budget and have a limited space to work in. (Of course, the information will also benefit those with big budgets and lots of space to devote to their product photography).

There's a lot of information that even someone who is not very familiar with photography can benefit from, and there is information that professional photographers who are new to the field of product photography can also benefit from. We have tried to present the information in a way that most amateur photographers will be able to understand.

We feel that this site now represents the best collection of product photography information available on the internet.  We do not charge for any of this information, but of course we are always happy when readers buy product photography equipment from our store.

The amount of information on this site is always growing and we are interested in your feedback on how we can further improve the site. Any comments you have can be sent to us at:

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