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3D Object Photography - spinning animation - rotating items for 360 degree view
 Spinning RIZR Z3
  • 3D Object Photography made EZ

Place subject on the turntable
Shoot a series of still photos
No proprietary software needed
Spinning object tools

  • Production Tips

Strip out the backgrounds if you like
Save as an animated .GIF or Flash
View detailed Step-by-Step video

Spinning vase

Introducing the EZspin, a breakthrough in rotating object photography. Our white EZspin turntable was created with ease of use in mind. Now anyone can create attention getting object animations for  web sites or on-line auctions. Bring your auction listings or web site to life using our new 14" white EZspin turntable. Combine this turntable with any of our Universal Lighting kits, for fast slam dunk spinning objects. Just place your product in the center of the turntable and shoot. Rotate the turntable and shoot again. Continue rotating and shooting until you have the desired number of still image views. Six views of your item is the recommended minimum. No special proprietary software is needed; you can quickly turn your series of still images into animated files using the standard versions of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

3d spinning object photography setup

3D spinning animated .gif   
Hula box.gif

For those of you who just want to pop your product in and shoot 6 views, for the quickest Ebay slideshow spin, just use the six special marked dots printed on the outer edge of the turntable, and forget about counting degrees. The possibilities of spinning your small subjects are endless.  If your more advanced and want more views for a smoother spin, we've fully labeled our turntable in 10 degree increments up to 360 degrees.

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Step 1.

Just place your item in the center of the turntable. Decide how many views you would like to shoot for your spinning object. I recommend starting with six views. It's easier to work with just 6 images for your first 3D spinning object.  The hula box is a great example of a 6 image spin. "You can't fail using the six  dot system."

Step 2.

Use the six special predefined dots on the outer edge of the white EZspin turntable. Snap your first photo, then rotate the turntable to the next dot and snap again.

 I lined up my first dot with a tiny " x " on the background sweep. You could just as easily use a paper clip or any other small item that's handy. Rotate each dot into position with the mark and shoot. Repeat until you have all six still image views.

EZspin turntable
note the tiny x to the left of the turntable...

Step 3.

To create your animation open your six images in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements . Combine the images into one  by simply holding down the shift key while dragging each image on top of the first image. This creates a single image with six perfectly aligned layers.

create an animate gif

In Photoshop Elements just save your finished animation as an animated .gif or flip book. Or if your using Photoshop you can save your animation as a  Flash file or animated .gif.  Or use Image Ready (a standard part of Photoshop) to save the animation as an animated .gif file.

View our Step-by-Step video on creating animation in Photoshop.

360 spin 3d product spin
Example of background NOT removed.
The white turntable blends nicely with white EZcube.
Example of background removed. For a pure white floating look remove the background completely.

3D Object photography tools
Great tools for making rotating, spinning objects, to show all views

ezspin kit

EZcube® light tent
For soft, diffused lighting, softer shadows, and reflection control.

TableTopStudio lights

  • 10" Flood lights/stand mounts
  • Adjustable 6' stands

    Trumpet top bulbsTM

  • 5000K CFL
  • "daylight color"
  • cool to touch {very little heat}

    EZspin 14" turntable

  • Marked 0 to 360 degrees
  • 6 special  "shortcut" dots
  • More views = a smoother spin

    * Photoshop/Photoshop Elements
    * These items are sold separately


    ezspin turntable
    14" white EZspin turntable

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