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Jewelry Photography
Lighting jewelry for pictures
Creating sparkle
Shooting long necklaces
Pearl photography
How to "suspend" jewelry
Jewelry photography tools

Bead Photography
Underlighting translucent beads
Exposure & white backgrounds
Creating a dramatic reflection
prop-up focal beads with wax
Capture the shine of your beads
Bead photography tools

Glass Photography
Lighting glass for pictures
Graduated backgrounds
Light & dark fields
Underlighting technique
Glowing effects using LED Lite Pads
Glass photography tools

Clothing Photography
Using a life size mannequin
Styling & layout
Using a horizontal tripod
Use a steamer to remove wrinkles
Use a tethered camera & computer
Clothing photography tools

Swarovski Photography
Lighting crystal jewelry
Shooting Aurora Borealis
"Invisible thread"
Floating magic!
How-to suspend any jewelry
Crystal photography tools

Watch Photography
Macro focus and lighting
LED lighting for diamonds
Keeping the watch bands shape
Creating a soft reflection
How to stripout the background
Watch photography tools

Flower Photography
Soft lighting eliminates shadows
White backgrounds
Camera position
Using the sun for lighting
Gallery of floral images
Flower photography tools

360 Object Photography
White turntable makes it easy
Make any product spin 360
Spinning example in EBAY
Save as an animated .gif or Flash
View Step-by-Step video
360 degree photography tools

Coin Photography
Focus and diffuse lighting
Eliminating shadows
Daylight color bulbs
White backgrounds
Coin photography tools

Silver Photography
Controlling reflections and glare
Making silver appear shiny
Avoid adding your own reflection
Group items together
Silver photography tools

Gem Photography
Focus and lighting
Holding the gem upright
Circle of LED's
Gallery of gem images
Gem photography tools